MHC update: Momo returns…

That sinking feeling when your new nymphomaniac girlfriend meets the friendzoning bitch you’ve been licking behind her boyfriend’s back. And they are friends. How much either one knows, you’re in the dark about!

As chapter 2 of ‘My Hero Cuckademia’ progresses, we discover the identity of Momo’s secret boyfriend, deepen the backstories, explore new ways to have sex, maybe even get hints at who is poking Ochaco!

Spoiler alert, we’re going to have dirty fun with Momo. Between consenting adults, anything goes. If you enjoy the project, see support options. Keeping a full-time artist takes regular funding.

MHC Project Update: More Tragic Backstory

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Once the shining star of class 1-A, the successor to All-Might, Midoriya is but a shadow of his former self. Riddled with trauma and regrets, and messy relationships with women, he visits the graveyard alongside Midnight after sex. Their moment is interrupted when Midnight gets a call from Himiko Toga. She leaves Deku to cry in the rain, alone.

If you’ve been following the project on the hentaiclickbait-twitter, you’ve seen the art previews of the coming pages. We have a lot of characters and locations, backstory, potential sub-plots. We are building an entire world for our fanworks in the MHA universe. Start reading the My Hero Cuckademia.

More of Midnight’s Backstory

Nemuri Kayama was a closet lesbian all her life, holding a deep resentment towards men due to his troubled relationship with his beta male father. Her sadistic side never blossomed, until the tragedy of class 1-A, which also led to many deaths in the U.A. High faculty. Having realized the possible shortness and fragility of life, Nemuri started expressing her sexuality more freely. Since then, she’s been in a slew of lesbian relationships with young girls.

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Lesbian Midnight’s Freudian Relationship With Deku

The psychological barriers that normally prevent a man from exploring his darker sexual side are broken down by the motherly Midnight. She was Deku’s support person after class 1-A was near-entirely wiped out. His friends dead, Deku confided in Midnight, but their relationship gradually developed a sexual dimension. As the son of a single mother, Deku has grown emotionally dependent on women, lacking a strong male role model who would nurture his masculine identity. Void of male virtue, he is unattractive to women for reasons he cannot understand, a situation further complicated by the weaning powers and declining health of his mentor and surrogate father, All-Might.

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My Hero Cuckademia Backstory: Tragedy of Class 1-A

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Not much is left of class 1-A after the horrific events of a class trip gone wrong. Deku’s mother, and Bakugo’s mother, and many students in the class were killed. Most of the bodies of the deceased were never uncovered. Having experienced the shortness and fragility of mortal life, the remaining girls and guys of class 1-A are psychologically broken nihilistic hedonists.

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