Lesbian Midnight’s Freudian Relationship With Deku

The psychological barriers that normally prevent a man from exploring his darker sexual side are broken down by the motherly Midnight. She was Deku’s support person after class 1-A was near-entirely wiped out. His friends dead, Deku confided in Midnight, but their relationship gradually developed a sexual dimension. As the son of a single mother, Deku has grown emotionally dependent on women, lacking a strong male role model who would nurture his masculine identity. Void of male virtue, he is unattractive to women for reasons he cannot understand, a situation further complicated by the weaning powers and declining health of his mentor and surrogate father, All-Might.

Deku’s relationship with Midnight has Freudian undertones. She is both sexually available and unavailable, due to her lesbianism. The pity handjobs Midnight gives him to ease his existential anxieties have led Deku into cultivating secret romantic feelings for her. When these feelings go unmet, combined with his failure to seduce Ochaco, Deku will be driven into despair. What transpires between Deku and Midnight will make him reconsider his morality, his sexual identity, and his aspirations to be a pro hero.

Even as Deku is rewarded with plentiful pussy, he is emotionally malnourished, which leaves him vulnerable to the manipulations of the predatory Mina. Employing pavlovian conditioning, Mina rewards Deku’s emasculation with sex and punishes him whenever he attempts to act dominant in the relationship.

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The Tragic World of Nihilistic Hero Hedonists

In our version of the world of MHA, the characters are very traumatized, phlegmatic, impulsive, uncaring. While reading, you will be left wondering, how can Mina be such a slob, leaving used condoms lying around in her apartment? How does nobody intervene on the beach when Momo is getting licked by Deku? Why are there no plates or utensils in the hamburger joint?

Now, these weirdnesses could all be attributed to poor writing that cuts a few too many corners, but we can also entertain the prospect that in this world, people are just incredibly uncaring… and there is a backstory to this shenanigans. We will explore this in the coming pages, which will delve knee-deep into the tragic fate of class 1-A, and how this transformed Mina into a ruthless cuckoldress that will eventually, with her flirty manipulations, drive the psychologically vulnerable Deku into murder and suicide.

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My Hero Cuckademia Backstory: Tragedy of Class 1-A

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Not much is left of class 1-A after the horrific events of a class trip gone wrong. Deku’s mother, and Bakugo’s mother, and many students in the class were killed. Most of the bodies of the deceased were never uncovered. Having experienced the shortness and fragility of mortal life, the remaining girls and guys of class 1-A are psychologically broken nihilistic hedonists.

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My Hero Cuckademia – Supporting Characters

Mina and Ochaco are not the only MHA girls who make an appearance in our comic. Deku has multiple out-of-his-league love interests, one of them being Midnight. They have no chance of becoming a couple however, as Midnight and Himiko Toga are in a lesbian relationship… this doesn’t stop them from messing around with Deku, but penetration sex, they’ll never go there.

After many miserable failed attempts at finding a good, loyal woman to love him, Deku will be desperate, easy pickings for the manipulative Mina. His downward spiral into decadence will include bisexual experiments, interracial sex, cross-dressing, group sex. And his budding relationship with Midnight, which ends in crushing failure, will be one of the key triggers of his downfall.

Deku and Midnight became closer after Deku’s mother’s death. Midnight gave her counseling and supported his recovery. During his darkest hours, she would give him pity handjobs and encourage him to find a girlfriend. Because Midnight is a lesbian, she felt nothing for Deku, and nothing about milking his balls, but her actions flared Deku’s feelings, which he’s kept secret.

After Deku’s first real cuckolding encounter, where Mina has sex with a man with him watching, Deku is traumatized. He goes to Midnight for counseling…

Cuckolding Hentai Comic: My Hero Cuckademia

Deku falls in love with the seductive cuckoldress Mina Ashido.

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