13.3.2021 – Princess Trainer: Jasmine – Alpha Build #17

We’re developing our first Patreon porn game. I’m very excited to be making a worthy spiritual successor to Akabur’s amazing Princess Trainer game. For a one-man project, it was one fantastic fapping experience. We want to up the stakes, and we’re working with a full team of artists, with Kia Azad designing and coding the game. I’ve hired Paulecchi, Limn, and several new names who work regularly on our commission projects. The lead artist is Parasitius, whose art is just jaw-dropping when he goes balls deep with the titty-draws.

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The game has reached its 17th public alpha build, download now!

10.9.2020 – Princess Trainer: Jasmine – Main Menu Screen

Hey, all. This is Otaku Apologist, the sponsor of Kia Azad’s games.

Me and Kia have been business friends since 2015. While I’ve been super busy building an adult media review business at http://hentaireviews.moe, Kia has been working on smaller projects, such as 3D comics, pinup sets and our debut visual novel, Speed Dating Sakaki. With your help, he can become a full-time game developer! Studio Danza is independent of my business, but operates with my full support. When you buy products through my websites, you also support the development of our original erotic games.

After a full year of fighting to establish the production team, we got it all figured out! Everything from coding to music production is going perfectly. The art pipeline is well organized and running without drama.

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