13.2.2019 – Speed Dating Sakaki Continuation

This post will be screenshotted for our game. I’m editing it tomorrow, or later. Our game development lost momentum because the taxes are ridiculously high in my country thanks to the socialist system of male oppression that enables our women to be whores. I can’t sell my games without suffering massive taxes (about 5000€ a year regardless whether we make any income). We’re forced to explore alternative business models, which takes a lot more trial and error. At this point it makes no sense for us to play by the rules. If restricting our creative freedom doesn’t get us access to markets, we might as well do content with rape, snuff, and all kinds of fucked up insanity.

Fuck socialism. Fuck it to hell.

28.9.2018 – “Speed Dating Sakaki” Sexy Update

Sakaki’s sex scene in our visual novel will feature multiple sex positions. We have the classic doggystyle, missionary, and a blowjob. We’ll most likely add “69” and some more obscure positions into the mix. This particular scene has multiple variants: Before, during, and after penetration.

The first public build is 1-2 months away. I still need to commission a musician to compose a soundtrack. The script recently got bulked up, with multiple scenes extended. I’m reviewing the writer’s work this week, and we’ll run a round of edits. After that, if everything goes smoothly, we will publish the game. Cross your fingers!

25.9.2018 – Speed Dating Sakaki 3D Porn Visual Novel Project Update

Our first pornographic visual novel project has its first build completed.

Speed Dating Sakaki is a 3D porn visual novel in development since Christmas 2017. The storyline follows the sexual adventures of two school girls, named Sakaki and Aika. This first story covers the titular girl’s first time. She loses her virginity to a random hookup set up by her friend, Aika. Aika posted lewd photos of Sakaki to various porn blogs, along with an email address for potential hookups. One of these porn blogs was otakusexart.com.

Check out my first writeup about this project.

Check out the official post at Hentaireviews for screenshots.