Sleeping Beauty Comic Project

We’re doing a consensual Sleeping Beauty comic. It’s the most consensual comic we’ve done since 2017 when we started, with explicit, legally binding consent established by the participants in the sexual exchange every step of the way from the beginning to the sloppy end. The females of this comic love the dick so goddamn much, their very existence oozes desire for deep penetration, to be stuffed like turkeys. The artist is Didi, her debut comic.

Behold! Goblin head swap porn proves rule 34!

The erotic imagination of mankind is without limit. This comic is one of the wildest I’ve accepted and chosen to display on our site. There are things we won’t do, but almost everything goes. This client has now commissioned a dozen pages of I Am Jaknam, which was inspired by another skinsuit comic of ours called The Ambush. The client who ordered this doesn’t always purchase a page a month, so it moves slowly. You can set your payment schedule, though we only work as much as you’re able to pay for.

Note also. We have so many new comics coming up, older comics now accessible on the front page will not always be there. You should slap the cowgirl, or use our MEGA folder, or the site’s search engine.

Long-Running Comics Completing, New Series Starting!

hentai comic manga porn big tits blonde sex dungeon with old black master

Last weekend, I got a surge of surveys in my inbox. Nobody had the biggest budget, but I’ve hired some affordable people this year, we’re now able to service the budget-strapped fappers. I wanna talk about that, while highlighting one of my favorite recent projects, Warrior of Light. This Final Fantasy comic is nearing completion. The scenario reminds me of the black girls I dicked years ago, so it’s very close to heart.

Meanwhile, our most racist comic Dark Magician Girl in the Subway is finally done. This took time, because the original artist switched workplaces, had no time to freelance. Limn and Landerbfly took turns to get it done.

So, about the new comics coming up. You should follow my Twitter to stay up to date. You’re missing out on my rants, plus porn updates!