Speed Dating Sakaki – First Public Build – Free Download

Studio Danza is proud to release our first public build of our game, Speed Dating Sakaki. It’s the tragicomic story of two perpetually horny schoolgirls enjoying the downward spiral of a sexually liberated lifestyle.

Sakaki is a textbook good girl from a conservative Asian family. She’s been sexually repressed her entire life. Then, she made friends with Aika, the alpha bitch of the school. After watching her friend fuck like a rabbit, Sakaki abandons her marriage-oriented upbringing to get dick!

[ Download for PC ]

[ Download for Mac ]

This is our first public build of the game. The next build is slated to feature music, more story, and more sexual shenanigans. You can support the development at our webstore, and at the Studio Danza Patreon.

Sexual Liberation: The Best Sex Party in History

The first thing women did when they got the right to vote was to begin establishing the foundations of their sexual utopia. They voted for the welfare state, liberal abortion laws, contraceptives in grocery stores, they campaigned for lax social attitudes on sex. Today, western societies on every level enable women’s hypergamy (jumping from dick to dick).

By the age of 18-20, many women have already had their first threesomes, they’ve been creampied repeatedly, they’ve had enough boyfriends to perfect their deepthroat skills. She’s mastered the art of seduction. She can replace any boyfriends who moralize her behavior.

Women love creampies, and happily push their partners off condoms soon as they feel secure he’s not sleeping around. This explains why despite access to condoms, by the age of 25, 50% of everyone has an STD.

When women are being sluts, men will be sluts as well. Boyfriends cheat on their hedonistic girlfriends. Fuckbuddies don’t always tell how many partners they’re with. Slutty women make for risky long-term partners, and are extremely difficult to establish a family with. Only 1 out of 5 sexually promiscuous 30+ women enjoys a stable marriage.

US fertility rate has gone down to 1.7 children per woman. The US national debt has risen to 22+ trillion, (all that welfare and government services cost money), the federal government has grown massive and increasingly corrupt. Fewer and fewer have old-age pensions to look forward to (unborn children aren’t funding your pensions). Meanwhile, the United Nations pushes for massive third world immigration to replace the declining population.

Welcome to the best sex party in history! You don’t want to miss it. Because there’s not gonna be any parties after this one.