Yuri Hentai Game Review: Sakura Sweetheart

Sakura Sweetheart, a hentai visual novel game. Published and released by Winged Cloud on February 2019. For PC Windows.

Marron is a clumsy girl who dreams of becoming a pastry chef, just like her parents. Unfortunately, she didn’t inherit their talent in the kitchen. Her new instructor is very strict – and sexy! Can Marron become a professional chef under her instructor’s guidance?

Sakura Sweetheart has two beautifully cute girls as its protagonists. Each character has a distinctively unique look and personality. Zakuro is an unfeeling, robotic instructor. Marron’s love defrosts this ice-queen, and Zakuro learns to open up to Marron. She evolves into a perverted sex maniac, determined to be the dom in the relationship.

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Cuck Porn Game: Please Bang My Wife

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“Please Bang My Wife”. is the story of a hentai game developer whose wife is unfaithful. He’s been sleeping with her boss for months. When she finally fesses up the truth, your boner is raging!

While the story itself is predictable, the key points and dialogue are of the highest quality. When you confront your wife about the truth, she tells you absolutely everything about her spectacular affair. She tells you in detail how this man lasts much longer than you, how he turns her on.

You suspected the affair, because your wife was constantly refusing to have sex with you. Your precious marital vows were getting jizzed on – she was getting plowed by her boss!

You consent to being cuckolded in exchange for the privilege of keeping a ruined sham marriage going while she allows you to watch her have sex in front of you. And for your wedding anniversary, your wife presents you with a video tape of her fucking another guy!

The names of all characters can be customized.

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4.8.2018 — Speed Dating Sakaki – 3D Porn Visual Novel Project Update

Our first pornographic visual novel is shaping up. The CGs are completing, the scenes are getting written. We are crafting a highly realistic scenario featuring characters you can relate to. The story draws inspiration from our own sexual experiences with women, with a hint of fantasy. For example, you don’t fuck a random girl without a condom, that’s gambling for STDs. You also don’t spray your load on her face before you’ve learned to know each other better. The more trust you have with a girl, the kinkier things you can explore together.

If you missed the announcement, I hired the writer of Sakura Dungeon for this. If you’ve bought any Sakura games from my store, you’ve masturbated to this guy’s material before. He’s been very easy to work with, and accepts my Bitcoins as payment. He’s writing every scene of the scenario.

Also, I may have found a sales platform for the game. Itchio pays adult developers with Paypal. I’m still researching them, but there’s so far it sounds like their arrangements will work for us. We’ll also create a Patreon campaign to gauge for your financial support for future game releases.