15.3.2019 – The Collapse of Western Civilization

Western nations discovered the winning formula to usher in an age of technological and cultural advancement never before seen in the history of the planet: Free market capitalism first conceived by Adam Smith, combined with secular Christianity. Our governments allowed individuals and companies the freedom to solve societal problems for monetary compensation. Now, even the poorest among us living on minimum wage have television, gaming consoles, heat, electricity, the internet, access to medicine.

But with our material conditions improving, something went wrong. We lost our grip on the morals that inspired the population to achieve greatness. The economy itself cannot function without people living according to a high moral and ethical standard. There are too many blind spots in the system where theft and corruption can blossom.

Nobody seems to have any moral restraints anymore. We have no unity, no direction, no sense of purpose, no roots. We are not building a better world together, or maintaining the good things we’ve achieved.