30.7.2018 – Speed Dating Sakaki: First CG

Kia Azad managed to fix his PC problems, and is back to working on our project. Here’s the first CG for our game titled “Speed Dating Sakaki”. It’s a meet-and-fuck style game, very to the point. There’s gonna be several short sex scenes the player can choose to engage in with the girl. The game’s script is virtually done, and we’re only missing the CGs. All goes well, the game should be done before September.

19.7.2018 – Ms. Churchill The Hentaireviews Mascot

The Hentaireviews mascot is complete! Drawn by Crisisbeat, Miss Churchill is a white conservative woman from a loving two-parent Christian household that upholds traditional family values. She loves guns, the constitution, and free market capitalism.

Highly self-conscious of her race, Miss Churchill is aware of the current downtrend of white people’s birth rates. Out of principle, Churchill dates exclusively white guys. Her determination is to become a stay-at-home mother for a hard-working man. She wants to pop out as many high IQ white babies as her body can manage. Despite still being a virgin, she’s completely secure with herself, waiting for the right man to pop her cherry on wedding night.

Miss Churchill has an IQ (intelligence quotient) of 150. She was studying for a law degree in Harvard, but dropped out to help her ailing mother get over a period of severe sickness. She had also discovered that her school was infested with insane brainwashed people who hate her race. She needed an income while figuring out the new direction of her life, so she started writing hentai game reviews for various websites, until discovering Hentaireviews.moe.

A life-long fan of hentai anime and games, Miss Churchill is a closet pervert. She’s masturbated to hundreds of hentai, and owns a big stash of sextoys under her bed for every mood and occasion.

Miss Churchill is 26 years old. While her life hasn’t been all roses and rainbows, she’s always managed to reach her goals and get to a better place in life with hard work and determination. Amen.

8.7.2018 — “Speed Dating Sakaki” 3D Porn Game Update

Here’s our second heroine, called Aika. Yes, we named her after a Japanese porn star. She is Sakaki’s liberal friend from a single mother household. Aika has no daddy at home telling her she can’t have sex. She hates her mother and hates staying home, she’s always on the move hanging out with friends from her large social circle. From that social circle she finds hookups for quick dirty sex when she’s itching for a fuck. Aika is Incredibly smart, but a terrible student.

This girl is a bad influence for Sakaki who is a conservative asian girl from an upper middle-class family. Both of her parents are hard workers and make tons of money.  They’ve sheltered their daughter from the insanity of the real world her entire life, leaving her defenseless to resist the manipulations of her new friend. Aika is playing a dirty game for her own sadistic amusement: She wants to see if she can make the perfect good girl into a bad girl. She pulls Sakaki into parties where she has casual sex.

We’re making a collection of semi-realistic erotic games featuring these characters. The projects will be quick and dirty.