15.12.2020 – Fertility Clinic Update: Jessica Approved Design

Finally, we have the completed artwork for Jessica! She is Rachel’s friend in the clinic. Her carefree personality contrasts with Rachel’s seriousness. While the barren, aging, pissed off Rachel begrudgingly takes her daily semen injections, Jessica enjoys her treatments immensely. She’s a creampie-addicted bitch who lives to fuck. As the two become great friends, her influence rubs on Rachel who gradually re-connects with her dormant femininity. By the end of the game, they’re both fucking like rabbits, just as God intended.

11.11.2020 – Fertility Clinic – Rejected Jessica Design

Jessica is a party girl, a wild girl with a decrepit womb she wants revitalized, so she can start a family with her boyfriend. In reality, she doesn’t give a fuck, her problem isn’t that bad that modern medical technology can’t fix it, but she hangs around at the infamous fertility clinic because the sex is constant, the cum injections are daily, and the breeding events are fantastic. She’s a tattooed, pierced, badass girl who lives her life on the edge, burning the candle from both ends until the grave takes her. And none of that is reflected on this design! I’m ordering a new version from the art company.

13.10.2020 – Fertility Clinic Game Development Update

Here are the new designs of the two female protagonists Rachel and Jessica. I hired an art company to produce the artwork for our upcoming visual novel, Fertility Clinic. The result is spectacular. With the business thriving thanks to all your support, I’m pumping big loads of hot-burning cash into this project. The writing is done, the coding is done, we only need the art. It won’t be long now before we’re running a fully fledged adult game production in addition to our other successful businesses. I am excited, this is a dream come true.

All of the artwork will be available for you guys before the official release of the game, as it’s your money that has paid for everything. Continue supporting us through our amazing advertisers, commission the occasional art piece, you’re getting maximum value for your buck!

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6.5.2019 – Fertility Clinic Rachel Pregnant Creampie

After many weeks of extreme fertility treatments at the clinic, including semen injections, hormone boosting, and even some good old dick in pussy, Rachel is finally pregnant. She’s so happy!

3.5.2019 – Fertility Clinic – Rachel in Milking Machine

The hormone treatments Rachel receives on the fertility clinic make her titties grow into giant organic milk factories. On doctor’s orders, she straps herself in for a daily milking session.