Free Market Hentai is Unstoppable: Order Your Adult Artwork!

Reminder: If you want to see us produce something specific, your best hope is our commission business. I don’t run a Patreon, because the platform is infested with social justice and censorship, and I like my financial stability.

We have virtually no content limitations. With my current arrangements, we are able to circumvent the whole maze of laws and social rules that are stopping many hentai content creators from serving customers.

Our prices are affordable and flexible. I make the artists in my network compete for projects, which keeps the prices down. They are guaranteed to get their payments, and you are guaranteed to get your art.

4.11.2019 – Jaina Proudmoore Pregnant – Sketch

We have a new artist starting work on a slew of commissions for our little website. His nickname is Vodka13, and he has a solid style that emulates the Japanese very well. The set he’s working on will feature all kinds of popular cartoon characters in sexually enticing attire and circumstances. This sketch of a pregnant Jaina Proudmoore is the first commission he did. I’m ordering the coloring from a cheaper supplier. If all goes well, we’ll have a big splash of new pinup artwork flowing to the site this month. Keep visiting!

12.9.2019 – Dragon Ball Z Porn Comic Project

A client was looking to hire a writer for his porn comic. I hopped on this gig this week, and negotiated the rights to post it on my comic site. We’re getting 35 full color pages of Dragon Ball Z porn. The scenario is a simple foursome between Bulma, Android 18, and two black dudes.

The comic will be published page by page starting today.

28.8.2019 – Sexual Liberation Returns To Mushroom Kingdom

We are story boarding the third installment to the Two Princesses One Yoshi series. The carnage wrought by the yoshi horde will be legendary. The Mushroom Kingdom will be razed to the ground. It will be a plot twist if any Nintendo characters are left alive after this apocalyptic finale. Mario and Luigi shall fight the evil princesses and their yoshi minions to the death.

Support us now and we’ll make this comic 20 pages. Yes, there will be dinosaur blowjobs as well. And Bowsette makes an appearance.