25.10.2020 – Updating Comics VERY SOON!!

It’s been absolutely crazy these past few months. We’re doing so many projects, I have no time to feel depressed about where the future is going. I’m working my nights, working my days, I’m having profound philosophical conversations with our clients and freelancers. The future is taking a shape of its own choosing. We are merely guides to its development. Every person, every system, every relationship is a kid that’s an echo of you and the others involved in it, but something else than what you all envisioned.

21.10.2020 – Otakusexart.com Re-Launch Coming

The site was down for 5 days starting from 13th of October. We restored the site from a backup. After talking with the new coder I hired, I decided to upgrade the website completely. We’re getting rid of WordPress, optimizing the server infrastructure, we’re optimizing fucking everything.

Otakusexart.com will be turned into a modern web application come next month. The site will be faster and more secure with more usability features.

UPDATE: We located the problem with broken images. Content is fine now.

13.10.2020 – Fertility Clinic Game Development Update

Here are the new designs of the two female protagonists Rachel and Jessica. I hired an art company to produce the artwork for our upcoming visual novel, Fertility Clinic. The result is spectacular. With the business thriving thanks to all your support, I’m pumping big loads of hot-burning cash into this project. The writing is done, the coding is done, we only need the art. It won’t be long now before we’re running a fully fledged adult game production in addition to our other successful businesses. I am excited, this is a dream come true.

All of the artwork will be available for you guys before the official release of the game, as it’s your money that has paid for everything. Continue supporting us through our amazing advertisers, commission the occasional art piece, you’re getting maximum value for your buck!

If you wanna pitch in every month, either shop at our Redbubble art store, buy fap stuff from our onahole store, buy whatever through the affiliate links on Hentaireviews, or subscribe to our Patreon page!

10.9.2020 – Princess Trainer: Jasmine – Main Menu Screen

Hey, all. This is Otaku Apologist, the sponsor of Kia Azad’s games.

Me and Kia have been business friends since 2015. While I’ve been super busy building an adult media review business at http://hentaireviews.moe, Kia has been working on smaller projects, such as 3D comics, pinup sets and our debut visual novel, Speed Dating Sakaki. With your help, he can become a full-time game developer! Studio Danza is independent of my business, but operates with my full support. When you buy products through my websites, you also support the development of our original erotic games.

After a full year of fighting to establish the production team, we got it all figured out! Everything from coding to music production is going perfectly. The art pipeline is well organized and running without drama.

Remember to join us on Discord:  https://discord.gg/w5RqNWR

Download the latest build! Support the development on Patreon.

3.9.2020 – We Are Accepting Animation Commissions!

Watch our video content on our Pornhub page!

Since 2019, we’ve done original hentai animations for our upper middle-class fans. You can commission us to produce your fantasies in animated format! If you sexually identify as a semi-rich wanker motherfucker, check that privilege of yours and order your anime at hentaicommissions.com!