26.12.2019 – The Star Wars Comic Project Revived

The Star Wars comic we started several months ago got delayed when the client disappeared midway to production. I’ve contacted him to ask him to recommit to the project. We’re finishing this comic regardless, so long as you guys support us. These pages weren’t even supposed to be colored yet, but the company handling this went ahead of themselves. I’ve assigned a new artist to clean up the shoddy linework before we hit the coloring phase.

26.12.2019 – New Cuckolding Gangbang Comic Project

A client commissioned us to make a comic about his wife getting gangbanged by her favorite male anime characters. Uzonegro is working on the storyboard and linework. Out of all the crazy projects we’ve done for our fans, this one is the most normal and least perverted. Can you name all the anime boys showing up in this preview?

10.12.2019 – Speed Dating Sakaki Development Update

I’m finally taking the time to work on our first visual novel release. The game’s script has been stuck in the editing phase. I’m prioritizing this project now, and getting it released for the public. Hopefully then our fans will see that we’re an actual competent development team.

If you’ve already forgotten about this project, I don’t blame you. We’re always running tons of projects, especially now that the business has expanded to encompass multiple companies and a dozen freelancers. I’m barely keeping up emotionally and financially with the workload.

You can use the search engine to find the previous updates on Speed Dating Sakaki. It’s a very short and sweet visual novel. We’re not yet decided whether to leave it as a one-off, or expand it.

Free Market Hentai is Unstoppable: Order Your Adult Artwork!

Reminder: If you want to see us produce something specific, your best hope is our commission business. I don’t run a Patreon, because the platform is infested with social justice and censorship, and I like my financial stability.

We have virtually no content limitations. With my current arrangements, we are able to circumvent the whole maze of laws and social rules that are stopping many hentai content creators from serving customers.

Our prices are affordable and flexible. I make the artists in my network compete for projects, which keeps the prices down. They are guaranteed to get their payments, and you are guaranteed to get your art.

12.9.2019 – Dragon Ball Z Porn Comic Project

A client was looking to hire a writer for his porn comic. I hopped on this gig this week, and negotiated the rights to post it on my comic site. We’re getting 35 full color pages of Dragon Ball Z porn. The scenario is a simple foursome between Bulma, Android 18, and two black dudes.

The comic will be published page by page starting today.