21.6.2019 – Slave Boys of Mars Continues

The number one challenge I’ve had in making Slave Boys of Mars is that the scenario is too hardcore for most artists to stomach. Cum eating sissy fuckboys are triggering little bitches. Fortunately, my business has grown much since 2015 when I started this story. My brand now attracts some great companies who provide us service without bullshit.

The next Slave Boys comic will enter into production this summer. We also have a small run of pinups coming that I’ll be posting in connection with the next chapters of the story.

15.6.2019 – Hentai Solitaire Alpha Build

Kia Azad is working on the long overdue first public build of Hentai Solitaire. All the artwork was finished months ago. Kia is putting it all together. The goal of the game is to play various card games against the girls and unlock their nudes. In this alpha build, you can play classic blackjack. Steal all their money, and you get the girl. Play her again and you got the nude. Little by little, your entire deck will be filled with tits.

You can support the development at www.hentai-onahole.moe.

29.5.2019 – New Comic Project: Hentai Angels

I come from a white two-parent conservative Christian household. My parents raised me with love, they taught me to avoid drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and bad company. They preached sexual restraint, and good morals.

My parents are perhaps the most virtuous Christians on the planet. They did everything correct. My mother worked from home, and always had time for me and my brother. We were never starved for resources, or attention.

The deeper I’ve gone with hentai, the more it’s exposed my deepest values and beliefs. All the money, hookers, and fans I’ve gotten have not been able to fill the void I feel. Bad morals are spiritually corrosive.

This summer, our production will explore a new hentai comic concept. Instead of depicting immorality, perversion, and fetish play, we will start a new comic series that abides by the highest Christian moral standards.

The story is this: After a great war with Lucifer, God’s angels are nearly extinct. They establish a new heterosexual patriarchal angel community on Earth, and invite mortal men to impregnate them. The women of Heaven make it their moral duty to replenish God’s army. They will have buckets of loving, consensual unprotected vaginal sex with exclusively masculine male partners who worship God. The mortal husbands of the angels will help them raise the children and foster a community.

The comic will have no swearing, no drugs, no bad habits.

15.5.2019 – Commission Shenanigans Update

This month we’ve been working on several commissions with multiple freelancing artists and art teams. We’re doing a Star Wars porn comic that’s stretching us to the limit with its complexity. We’re doing the Gwen Stacy footjob comic, an Avatar: The Last Airbender footjob animation, and some porn parody pinups for our own amusement.

Interesting thing I’ve learned while working on these various productions is that I’ve accidentally become a very competent manager. Art and revenue have flowed effortlessly, and customers are happy.

Above is a sketch of Oola, Jabba’s twilek slave from Return of the Jedi. She’s concept art for a commissioned comic, which is the most complex mashup of hardcore fetishes I’ve ever encountered. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and we can produce this comic fully.

7.5.2019 – Otakusexart.com Business Update

Everyone has been working super hard to get the site growing. Here’s a quick update on where the otakusexart.com project stands.


We now receive 350-450 search hits a day. I got two freelancers working on search engine optimization, and the results are showing. We’re at 4000-5000 daily page views, growing steadily with each completed project.

Business model

Hentai game downloads keep us afloat, but we have bad months. We’ve been making about 30% less revenue than last year. I projected $3000 monthly revenues by now, but I guess not.


We currently make about $1500-1700 a month. Half of that goes into our writing budget. Commissions have proven an unstable source of revenue with clients jumping in and out of projects. Improvements are needed.

Art team

We have two art teams and two regular freelancers on art projects. Once we hit a really good month, I’ll kick the content production into overdrive.

Future content plans

Our biggest issue right now is costs. Until we’re more popular, we can’t produce these large full color comics. They were an experiment to begin with. The artists are willing to do black and white comics for ~20% less pay.

And that’s everything. Thanks for visiting and happy fapping!