18.8.2019 – Donkey Kong’s Super Epic Rape Party

I’ve been playing Rareware’s classic Donkey Kong series on my Nintendo 3DS. While playing, I envisioned a BDSM double-penetration rape comic featuring Donkey and Diddy, and various Nintendo princesses.

The story will go like this: Donkey and Diddy kidnapped all the Nintendo princesses, and they rape them one by one. The girls get fucked while tied up, while the other girls watch the fuckery unfold. The comic will feature spit-roasting, choking, hard fucking, and lots of cum.

I want to make this an ongoing scenario that will continue the more support we receive. It’s going to be lots of fun.

14.8.2019 – Content Production in Overdrive

When I started this website in 2017, I had no regular artists contributing content. In 2018, I had roughly three people working on stuff, with the occasional extra hand providing assistance. Today, we work with two fully staffed art outsourcing companies, and a growing network of freelance artists consisting of both ambitious amateurs, and professionals.

We are now pushing this website to all new heights with many times the resources. We have the artists, we have a sick business model, we have tens of thousands of regular visitors hopping in for a wank on a monthly basis.

My artists are working around the clock on comics and pinups of your favorite waifus. Whenever you see content that you liked, go shop for sextoys, hentai games, and other sex services at www.hentai-onahole.moe.

Feed the fire with your dirty dollars! Burn, baby, burn!!

13.8.2019 – Train Molestation Comic Preview

A new comic we’re working on is an original story about a black girl who gets drunk on a train trip. She gets abused by her friends and gangbanged by a large crowd of strangers. Total page count is eight.

This project is another commission from one of our fans. It’s fully funded out of pocket by him, it cost him several hundred dollars. I hope you will appreciate the final product once we start publishing the completed work.

I’ve been consistently impressed by the sexual imaginations of our readers. This story has many exciting niche fetishes, including the public shaving of pubic hair. The sexual humiliation themes are prominent.

You can commission my production team for pinups and comics. Email me your commission ideas at [email protected].

8.8.2019 – Walk Every Path to Its End

Masculinity is a life creating energy. It is the unbending will of this life-permitting universe to expand, consume, and conquer.

A man does not bend to weakness. A man does not bend to falsehood. A man creates order into chaos through his words, and his actions.

You will speak the truth regardless of what happens, because whatever will happen, is good. You could die. You could be ostracized. You could be jailed, fined, or shot on the streets. Your life is worth nothing when it cowers in fear. For there to be more heroes, you must be an example to others.

The world is full of cowards. For every courageous man, there are a million weaklings. These men do not compete. These men do not connect. These men rot in the darkness of their rooms, playing videogames, masturbating to porn, reading depressing news of the corruption in their societies. They do nothing to correct these wrongs. They wait for someone else to solve these messes.

I was such a man. I was the weakest, most pathetic piece of shit. My change started in 2014, when I made a commitment. I would start a business. I would make it great. I would rid myself of my crippling traumas that had plagued me since my run at public schools. I was a wreckage with bad health, no friends, no social skills, no job experience, nothing.

I was in such bade shape emotionally, I couldn’t share pictures on my tumblr blog without feeling anxiety. I was so insecure, I feared everyone’s judgement more than I feared death. I was a cripple who had decided to learn to walk.

The troubles I experienced in the hentai industry were many. I was ill equipped to deal with every challenge I came across. I lost tens of thousands of customers, valuable industry connections, I lost my social medias time after time. Every day for many years, I wanted to quit and run.

Do not run. Every time you have a choice between fight or flight, you choose to fight. Choose to work for your dreams, choose to keep your relationships. When you commit to relentlessly pushing your truth, you will risk conflict. Because truths and lifestyles compete for dominance in the free market of ideas. Only relationships that do not survive conflicts that spur from honest speech and actions should be let go.

My gift to this world, to you, my dear reader, is the glimpse to my life. My unbending will was forged in the fires of unending hardships. All of my strength was born of damage. My wisdom was born of pain. My success is a mere echo of my resolution to win against the odds.

Whatever path you have chosen to walk, walk it to its end.

2.8.2019 – “My Life With You” New Preview

Here’s another preview of our upcoming original comic “My Life With You”. It’s dedicated to my long-distance girlfriend. Our relationship is still in its initial stages, and she’s hesitant to assume the title of girlfriend.

I met her early this year, around the time when I was working my days and nights to raise the business to the next level. I was alone, angry, driven by pure rage to finally establish my name in this godforsaken industry.

I have spent the last five years in crushing loneliness. I cut off all non-business relationships. I am estranged from everyone but my closest family. I sacrificed my education, my savings, my youth, for hentai.

She stepped into my life at a moment when I was crashing and burning. Ever since I started blogging in 2014, I’ve hit severe burnout periods every three months. My last burnout nearly ended me. I was planning to pack my bags and go. If it wasn’t for her, I probably would have.

She loves hentai more than I do. She showed me love, the kind of which I haven’t experienced. Her sexual cravings and imagination are on par with mine. She probably fucked a hundred guys despite her young age, I don’t care. She’s incredibly seductive, and her experience turns me on.

She’s a tsundere bitch, always giving me a bitch attitude every few days. One day she’s completely melting for me, then it’s bitch mode again. She’s trying to keep things from going too fast. I have zero hesitations about her.

Regardless of how our relationship turns out, her impact on me has been permanent. I’ve learned to accept who I am and what I do. My commitment to hentai is now complete and absolute.