Dating, Sushi, and the Abundance Mindset

This November, I went out with a girl from Tinder. We went to a Japanese restaurant downtown. The meal was so delicious, it offset the fact that my date ended early, when her best friend was suddenly hospitalized.

I had been chatting with this girl in the Hentaireviews Discord channel before our actual date. I knew she had family problems that were likely to cause chaos. After the phone call from the hospital, she sat for 30 more minutes with me talking about life. After she was gone, I was practically growling in the restaurant from the frustration.

Last summer, after lots of study and some failed attempts at romance, I came to the conclusion that for men, even more important than being successful, is feeling successful. Positive people are scarce in this cruel world. Any man whose smile doesn’t crack is a king among men.

Several good things happened after the botched date. I discovered my love of sushi. My business started to grow again. I planned to take a friend to the downtown restaurant to celebrate our record high website traffic, when one day, I discovered a sushi joint in the local mall next door.

While ordering the food, I asked one of the employees when this restaurant was started. She said three months ago. I realized, I had been so stressed out these past months, I never noticed a piece of heaven had landed on my hood. The food in this restaurant tastes amazing, and it’s only a short walk away from my apartment. I’m now eating there often, because I can afford it.

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