Two Princesses One Yoshi 3 Subverts Your Expectations

Two Princesses One Yoshi 3 subverts your expectations. Mario saves the Mushroom Kingdom from the yoshi invasion and the princesses from their sexual depravity, only to be forced into sex with the proverbial dragon to save his brother. Bowser wears the Super Crown, turns into the lascivious Bowsette, and bargains for sex in exchange for a 1-UP mushroom. Mario has watched his countrymen brutally murdered by the feral red yoshis, birthed from the sinful bodies of the treacherous princesses. On his moment of victory, surrounded by the rotting corpses of toads and yoshis, Mario is forced to make the ultimate choice: To keep his virtue and dignity as a man, or succumb to the wiles of the strong and independent villains who destroyed his beloved country? Luigi is dying, is saving his life worth giving up Mario’s very soul?

We are taking classical western fiction writing tradition, flipping it upside down, and raping it in the ass, for the hollow motive of experiencing cheap thrills. Whoever said hentai isn’t motherfucking art?! I finally found an artist who can emulate Uzonegro’s style who’s picked up the project.