You cannot outrun consequences, bitch

Here’s a preview. While I’ve published around 70 pages, we have like 20 pages in the backlog. Once our webstore is back online and people actually support us again, I will resume publishing. Just like Midoriya finds out that actions have consequences, I am forced to remind you, dear readers, that the total price of this project will be $10000, at minimum. We’re about halfway there now. If we don’t receive support, it gets canned. We’re already so starved for funds that starting new in-house projects on top of this one is unfeasible.

Anyway, the webstore is returning. Let’s talk about the future of MHC…

Chapter 2 is an all-out sex fest. Chapter 3 will be an even crazier sex fest. There’s no stopping this porn train, it’s going all-in. The previews I made last year of the interracial bisexual gangbangs, it’ll all be made true. Deku will suck some serious dick, because that’s what Mina wants.

That’s the main story. The side plots I have planned include Ochaco’s BDSM adventures with her new mystery boyfriend. Momo is probably gone, unless I can find some way to force her back into the story. It’ll be a little difficult, you’ll understand when we get there.

Midnight could also become more central to the story, but we cannot realistically squeeze in a side bitch at this point, or it takes time away from the main plot. We absolutely need more funds, to extend the scenario beyond the current planned budget, if we want Midnight action.

What else? We should do a new MHC pinup series.

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