Journey Into The Source of Light: Chapter 9

A world at the edge of the universe. The near-lightless sky has but a few stars at night. Every few thousand cycles, they become fewer in number. As if something is devouring them.

This world has no sun, it is its own light source. Eternal summer. No storms, no earthquakes, no natural disasters. Paradise. Or so it should be… Read the full premise.

Under the command of a master necromancer, the undead horde digs up a mysterious monolith known as “the obituary of the universe”. It can only be read by those who have once died. To prevent the excavation, the royal family of the desert city of Sharam has sent a military expedition to confront the rogue mage spearheading the digging. Start from chapter 1

Update: Chapter 9 is finally out! The explosive final confrontation looms. Can any characters survive this non-stop murder fest? Read chapter 9

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