Introducing our new animator: Didi

Didi is a prolific illustrator and animator who worked a long time on the Hentai Heroes game. We’ve worked together on several projects, including the Fertility Clinic trailer, which you can view on our MEGA account.

You can commission her to draw images, image sets, comics and animations. Send your inquiry via hentaicommissions.

We have permission from Studio Kinkoid to post this sexy little animation.

In her own words:

Professional Digital Artist for the last eight years, with a Bachelor’s degree, focused on Animation. A filmmaker of short movies, fully self-made, and released from the script to the editing. History of working in the entertainment industry, mostly as a content creator for web and games. Daily using English for work since my first job- mostly being employed by multicultural and outsourced companies. Comfortable with using Mac Os System when needed. Skilled in Digital Drawing, Character Design, Storyboarding, Character Animation, and Rigging. Experienced in 2D Animation, Matte Painting, Visual Effects, and Motion Graphics. More than ten years of practice in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. Very familiar with all Adobe Creative Suite products. Recently using Clip Studio Paint and Spine.

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