13.11.2020 – Foundations of Life

Western culture is completely shit right now. Many of us can’t be honest without risking our income. Everything is politicized, everything is polarized, and I’m fucking tired of it. The entire time I’ve been doing hentai, free speech and freedom of expression have been under constant assault.

We’re reaching a crossroads now. We can either submit to the current world order and stay silent about the very obviously corrupt bullshit we see in our everyday life, or we can speak the truth. The first option is a very short road.

We can’t keep lying anymore, to preserve access to our networks. We can’t be lying to our families, lying to our employers, we just can’t be lying.

I visited the church twice these past two years. The first time was back in 2019 spring, right when my websites had lost half of their traffic. I was broke. While looking at the artwork on the walls and the ceiling, I read the available Hymn Books. I felt nothing. A few months from that moment, my traffic had doubled, my income went way up, and my life was in shambles.

The next time I visited the church, I broke into tears while listening to the sermon. The priest was talking about the foundations of life. One cannot build the foundations of their life on lies. It’s a very, very short road.

11.11.2020 – Fertility Clinic – Rejected Jessica Design

Jessica is a party girl, a wild girl with a decrepit womb she wants revitalized, so she can start a family with her boyfriend. In reality, she doesn’t give a fuck, her problem isn’t that bad that modern medical technology can’t fix it, but she hangs around at the infamous fertility clinic because the sex is constant, the cum injections are daily, and the breeding events are fantastic. She’s a tattooed, pierced, badass girl who lives her life on the edge, burning the candle from both ends until the grave takes her. And none of that is reflected on this design! I’m ordering a new version from the art company.