30.11.2018 – Pervywatch Backstory

With so much war and fighting going on in the world, Winston fell into a deep depression. He retired from the Overwatch appealing to mental health reasons, and turned to books in his search for answers to burning existential questions. Winston studied every modern religion and even ancient religions, desperately seeking confirmation that evil is not the supreme power that rules the world. Finding no such answers, he then turned to weed, porn, junk food, and lots of videogames. With only a limited number hours in his day for different hedonistic pleasures, he sought to combine his love of porn and gaming. Seeking the best porn games in the world, Winston Googled hentaireviews.moe.

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Pervywatch: Rebellion of the Apes

Winston betrayed the Overwatch! Everyone died in the surprise attack. Only DVA and Mercy survived for the victory sex party.

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