Slave Boys of Mars: The Sex Showers

Living in a mansion brothel for sex tourists, parties are common events, leaving many maid slaves in stained states after the guests have thoroughly emptied themselves. The slaves must take showers.

These showers serve several purposes other than clean-up. They have glass walls, allowing guests to see what goes inside the room. When a visitor posts a deposit, the maid slaves must put on a show. Everyone in the room at the time the deposit is posted is required to help each other get off. This isn’t so easy after a party, leading to long “dry” sessions.

The punishments for non-compliance with the mansion’s rules are harsh. No matter how tired and empty the servants may be, they must summon the enthusiasm and put on a show for onlookers. And after that ordeal, get dressed again for the next set of clients who paid for them.

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