11.4.2020 – Slave Boys of Mars Sissy Gangbang Sex Set

Slave Boys of Mars sell ass to horny clients. Read about Sally’s Anal Punishment.

Slave Boys of Mars – Sex Slave Auction – Chapter 3


The orgy was not over. Sally’s master ordered him to attend a special event on the auction stage. There, paying customers had surrounded a poor maid boy. They had formed such a dense pack, he couldn’t see through their naked backs and asses. No-one was using condoms, this was a free-for-all fuckfest. Sally made his way to the stage, and slithered between the men. His frame was petite and feminine, and easily slid through openings. In the middle of the crowd, he saw a naked boy on the floor, getting his ass raped.

Sally walked silently up to the boy maid, and knelt down as the men watched with curiosity. None made a move on him, as he was not the merchandise. These guys were regulars, they knew the rules.

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