14.8.2019 – Content Production in Overdrive

When I started this website in 2017, I had no regular artists contributing content. In 2018, I had roughly three people working on stuff, with the occasional extra hand providing assistance. Today, we work with two fully staffed art outsourcing companies, and a growing network of freelance artists consisting of both ambitious amateurs, and professionals.

We are now pushing this website to all new heights with many times the resources. We have the artists, we have a sick business model, we have tens of thousands of regular visitors hopping in for a wank on a monthly basis.

My artists are working around the clock on comics and pinups of your favorite waifus. Whenever you see content that you liked, go shop for sextoys, hentai games, and other sex services at www.hentai-onahole.moe.

Feed the fire with your dirty dollars! Burn, baby, burn!!

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