12.2.2021 – Echoes from the Edge of Madness

I burned my youth, my savings and a slew of relationships to get this business off the ground. I never traveled, barely dated, I have no friends outside of work, no education that would qualify me for a job better than a cashier. The sheer amount of blood, sweat, and tears would fill a swimming pool.

I gave up everything to become a professional hentai blogger. And everything, nothing, went according to plan. With sheer force of will, I made it anyway.

Most people who have a dream give up when they meet resistance. I’ve met nothing but resistance. The loneliness alone has been maddening.

I conquered 15 years of depression and anxiety issues in two short years. I make more money than my parents at the height of their careers. I have friends, freelancers, clients, business partners, I have everything.

I never sold out, never compromised. And all that motherfucking sacrifice paid off… I can’t recommend this. Fuck your dreams, get a wife and a job.

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